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An Android Geofencing App

I decided to continue working on the app.

Short description

EgiGeoZone is an Android Geofencing app which uses satellite position hardware in your phone or tablet to 'trigger' different actions when entering or leaving predefined zones that you can choose. It can trigger many actions directly, or simply display a notification on screen to do so. In other words, the app works in a similar way to apps like Tasker, which allows certain events to initiate an action on your smartphone or even a remote server.

The following actions can be triggered when entering or leaving a zone:

  • Contact a geofencing service, such as the Geofancy module from FHEM, to control home automation devices, or call your own URLs when entering or leaving a zone. For example for Domoticz, Fibaro, IP-Symcon and others.
  • Send a text message (sms)
  • Send emails
  • Other actions:
    • Call predefined Tasker tasks
    • Switch Wi-Fi on or off when entering/leaving
    • Switch Sound on or off when entering/leaving
    • Switch Bluetooth on or off when entering/leaving
  • Conditions, to start an action:
    • Days of week
    • Running blutooth devices, when the event ocurred

Possible applications

  • Open or close your garage door, turn on the heating or turn it down, switch lights on/off, etc. EgiGeoZone can interface with most home automation servers
  • Co-ordinate your car share. For example, if the driver leaves work, another person can be be automatically notified via SMS or email, allowing them to get to the meeting place on time.
  • When leaving the 'Home' Zone, Bluetooth turns on enabling your phone to pair with the hands-free in your car. When you get back home, it turns Bluetooth off again, saving on your battery.
  • Upon reaching work, you can have EgiGeoZone switch the sound off, and and then on again when leaving.
  • Presence and absence check on servers.
  • A smartphone with the app as a car alarm
  • There are many more uses - our users are finding new uses for EgiGeoZone every day.